Asking $300,000.00 

Water treatment plant

A.  Ultraviolet Disinfection Units - Brand - R-Can SPV 20 

Flow rates of 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 6, 8,12, 15,and 20 gpm
High output coated UV lamps
316L stainless steel electropolished axial flow reactors 
Electronic controller with graphical Smart-SwitchTM interface 
2-stage flow pacing with Flow-PaceTM UV sensor
Over molded connector with built-in safety interlock switch
NSF/ANSI certified under Standard 55, Class A
3I6 L stainless steel flow restrictors
99.99% destruction of bacteria, virus, and protozoan cysts (Giardia lamblia & Cryptosporidium) at rated flow
Natures way to protect your water without the addition of harmful chemicals
Seven year warranty on reactor chamber for unparalleled protection
Product certified by CSA (C US) and to CE standards

Axial flow design reactors (CFD modeled)
Flow distributor washer to redirect water close to the lamp upon exiting the chamber 3l6L electropolished and passivated
Combination ports (3/4" FNPT I l " MNPT) on 6 - 20 gpm systems ‚Äč
A249/A269 pressure rated tube

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Never been installed! 

Approximately 5-6 years old

Self contained in a 40 ft. container


Smart Switch TM graphic user interface switch

100-250 VAC universal operation

Visual UV intensity reading (reads in % UV output)

Visual elapsed time meter (counts down remaining days between

lamp changes and provides total running time of controller

Constant current output over entire input line voltage

Active power factor correction EMI/RFI filtering (meets new CE directives)

One controller to drive all lamps

Isolated power source for alarm system

True lamp current detection

Full diagnostic check on start-up

Separate fuse protection for ballast circuit

Dry contacts (for solenoid, lamps, audible alarms, etc.)

RJ-11 communication port

Universal IEC power input connector


Discrete 254 nm UV sensor provides stable, lonbg-life reliability

Patent pending 2-stage flow pacing (adjust lamp power in relation to water flow)

Sensor and calibration all in one water tight enclosure

Flush sensor face eliminates air bubbles


New one-piece molded lamp connector 

Power interlock switch built-in to the connector (automatically

disconnects power to the lamp when connector is removed)

Allows for quick and easy lamp removal without any special tools 

Keyed to reactor chamber for optimum lamp / sensor alignment

HO Lamps

High output UV lamps

Pororietyary lamp coating for consistent UV output

Superior cold operation

Ceramic lamp bases 9000 hour life