Automate the production of timber components. Save time & money, reduce errors and increase production capacity. The SPIDA CSS is an automated version of the C type saw featuring 6 meter (20ft) power  infeed table and 3 meter (10ft) outfeed table. Jobs are downloaded via LAN or floppy disc. In a timed trial the CSS cuts on average 120 pieces per hour (with one operator).

Roller Length - 16 feet
Roll Diameter - 24 inches

Power – (2) 5HP gear motors
Electrical/Volts – 480/240 Connected 480
Phase - 3
Hertz - 60
Approximate Weight: 11,000 pounds

SPEEDCUT - SSA-17 Truss Saw

Ruggedly built to accommodate almost any building location, the radial arm saw is equipped with a chrome-plated hardened radial arm, supported by cam-follewer bearings. The bearings accurately guide the arm and attached saw assembly to ensure the precision cutting the saw guarantees.

Specifications: Main motor 5 HP

Saw blade: 17", Carbide tip, chrome plated

Max Depth cut 6"

Barrier Guard: patented safety angles

Angle capacity 160, 10, to 170 deg.

Bevel Cut max 45 right


  • Cat 96F
  • Q/C
  • Price: $3000 OBO


  • Cat 96F
  • Price: $2500 OBO

Global Sales & Appraisals inc. Heavy Equipment

Magnum Generator

  • 15 KW
  • Model MLG25
  • Price: $5000
All Reasonable Offers Will be Considered
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