Cain Heat Recovery Units

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Data without a Cain System

Combustion source: Engine generator
Heat Sink:Steam Demand
Waste Exhaust Temp: 1,150 °F
Water Temp Inlet:N/A
SCFM: 1,598
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
O2 Content: N/A
Excess Air: N/A
Fuel Cost Per Therm: $0.60
Annual Operating Hours: 8,700

Performance with a Cain System

Operating Steam Pressure: 10psi
Final Exhaust Temp: 301 °F
Boiler Horsepower: 51 BHP
Equivalent Evaporation: 1,743 lb/hr
Exhaust Pressure Drop: 1.44WC"
Btu/hr Recovered: 1,691,000
Total Cost: $70,674
Payback: 9.6 months
Annual Return On Investment: 125%
Annual Savings: $88,277


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