Travis Salon is One of Two Onsite Forman/ Equipment operator for Global Asset Sales And Contracting Corp.

Tyler Salon is One of Two Onsite Forman/ Equipment operator for Global Asset Sales And Contracting Corp.

Stó:lō Community Futures is for the Stó:lō Traditional Territory to become a leading center of Aboriginal business and entrepreneurial growth within British Columbia. 

​In early 2016 Global Sales & Appraisals Inc. started working along side with Stó:lō Nation

A Great Company Starts With GREAT Staff...and Here We Are! Introducing...

Sandy Salon is the owner of Global Sales and Appraisals Inc. She oversees all the business transactions and staff. She has many years of  sales experience and is generally the 'hands on' for Global's liquidations.

Tiffany Salon has been with Global Sales and Appraisals Inc. since June of 2014. She is our receptionist / office advertiser. Tiffany has experience in sales and  has worked in the auction industry with her dad on and off since she was 12 years old. Tiffany is a "jack of all trades" in the office. 

About Us

Global Sales and Appraisals is a growing company offering auction, liquidation and appraisal services. The company's personnel have many years of experience with a particular interest in industrial / mining equipment.  They have both auction/liquidation and appraisal experience in the following sectors:


*Mining *Steel Fabrication *Metalworks *Packaging *Printing *Plastics *Textiles *Food Processing *Pharmaceuticals *Construction


*Sawmill *Pulp and Paperwork *Woodworking


*Vehicles *Building Materials *Automotive Supplies *Tools *Hardware *Clothing *Sporting Goods *Consumer Electronics *Giftware * Office Supplies *Furniture

Recognizing the importance of environmental concerns, the company prides itself on insuring that work sites are left in excellent condition upon completion of sales. Our qualified equipment operators are experienced in demolition, removal and rehabilitation. 

 Wayne Salon is the "hands-on" manager of Global Sales and Appraisals Inc. He has many years of  experience in sales, particularly in heavy duty and  mining equipment. Wayne is both a Canadian  Personal Property Appraiser as well as an  Auctioneer.  He will be happy to answer any  questions you may have to do with all types of  equipment.  If you need an auction/liquidation  completed, please call Wayne!

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